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Jen cares deeply about what she does and more so, those around her. She values self development more than most people I know and pushes herself forward. Her dedication and kind heart is what inspires me. Alita Harvey-Rodriguez
Alita brings light and passion to everything she does. She always works on being a better leader for our clients and for the team. Marley Cross
Cassie is an inspirational leader. She is the manager that I aspire to be. Everyone who works with Cassie knows that they have her unwavering support and her absolute commitment to their own professional growth. She is a true team player and I feel empowered working with her. Amanda Bennett Nespresso
Ruth is a coffee expert at our Chadstone Nespresso store and goes above and beyond her role. She efficiently opens and closes the store, resolves club member problems, organises the rest of the team behind the scenes AND ALL OF THIS at only 21 years old. She is incredible!!! Alex Karailis Nespresso
Ruth's dedication to hard work is truly inspiring. I'm consistently impressed by her depth of knowledge and the energy she brings to our workplace. Despite her young age, she has a motherly nurturing presence that makes us feel special and supported. Ruth simply inspires me to be better. Zaid Hawi Nespresso
I nominate Alison Lane for her exceptional dedication to women integration within Nespresso. As our store's coffee expert, she conducts research, provides accurate statistics, and empowers female workers in Nespresso supplier farmer community. Alison's commitment shines through her active participation in team meetings and coffee training, inspiring our team. Mohamed Bisotto nespresso nestle
Amanda has been an absolute rock for the whole Nespresso crew in South Australia. The amazing big sister for everyone she's worked with. Taking her passion and ethic across the country when needed. She is someone I and everyone I know who's worked her can approach at anytime. Sean Sneddon
Emma is a true visionary. She has a clear direction on where things should be heading and inspires those around her to want to be a part of the journey. Creating beautiful, frictionless online shopping experiences that are the benchmark of best-in-class is what makes Emma remarkable! Kate Massey
Jasmine the inspiring epitomes of Servant Leadership! She is as deep in the detail of her people as she is her business. Jasmine cares deeply about every person in her charge & has the ability to help them unlock their greatness through her unwavering & ever-present support & leadership! Elaine Laurel Aje Collective
Geneine is my little sister, so I am naturally biased however she has demonstrated amazing resilience and market intuition over the past few years by rebranding and finding a niche within the luxury fashion accessory market. An eye for trend and mindset of everlasting product Geneine is the perfect nomination. James Bone
#IRWD365 (Inside Retail’s Women’s Day 365) is a year-round campaign with a simple yet powerful goal: to keep the conversation about women in retail at the forefront of our minds every day, not just on one day of the year. Inside Retail is committed to elevating the status of women across the retail industry, fostering in-depth discussions about careers and advancement, increasing recognition at all levels, and ultimately building stronger and more impactful communities.

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